Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Jim Jones Video...

New Charles Hamilton Video...

Friday, March 13, 2009

SMH...Officer Riiiiiickey...50 @it again!

This is Rick Ross' baby mother engaging in relations...this is too much lls...smh 50 said he was gon f*ck ya life up...he threatening to release the full tape on'mon 50 don't do 'em like dat...lols this is reminiscent of Hov callin out Nas' baby moms Carmen: "Me & the boy A.I. got more in common than just ballin' & rhymin'/ get it, more in Carmen"...maybe she's next to put out the tell all book, but quite frankly who'd read it?!?! she better off gettin paid to hit a couple magazines and some tabloids for some bread right quick...omg I think I'm good on all this lls...FOOLERY!

Some Friday Old School...

Wuddup is raining outside where I am of my favorites from Missy! ENJOY!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lil Romeo @ Southern Cal...

With "March Madness" upon us as I post this blog...I thought about my picks and who I'd choose to win it all come the "Big Dance"(about to find some pools to enter & get this bread lls)...& I was thinkin about certain players that I like to follow who make the game interesting & I remembered duuuuh Lil' Romeo went to college this year so see what he's doing...well he ain't get to do much because of being a freshman and more than likely he's learning the game @USC and all that but I thought it was cool to see "a day in the life" of how he got there so here goes...ENJOY!

Guess who in the studio together???

Dope concept of these two coming together for the good of music...I been following Charles in previous posts & Max B is my dude! Shouts to everybody ridin' that wave owwwwww! Just check this footage of them collaborating...Both artists have a few mixtapes heavy in the mixtape circuit now so check for 'em if you haven't already...Click here to download hopefully the first record of more to come:

New Kiss freestyle...Album is Coming!!!!!

...can't wait for his joint to drop! Oh my...just a quick teaser...dude nice!

Chester French...ONE WORD=DOPE!

I digg this song & video...been rockin with it for a minute now! ENJOY!

Peep the Pharrell co-sign...He actually signed them to Star Trak...

The Boondocks...SMH y'all should feel bad for laughing lols!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Morning Funny...

Check the "Ocean 5" simply wildin'...Johnta Austin is stupid lls! awww maan...ENJOY!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ode to the Blog: Cant Rome Without Casear

Starting the month of MARCH off proper! Peep Kanye's VH1 Storytellers: 'Flashing Lights' performance...Paying homage to the inspiration for the blog...