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Friday Old School

...bring back any memories from the early '90s??? Shouts out to SWV! Love this song...can we get a comeback album by chance? How about produced by Teddy Riley or Jermaine Dupri lols? ENJOY!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

'The World' from Nas...produced by Kanye

Peep the new song by Nas produced by Kanye West...Another banger! When these two get together...Smh whew! Simply Awesome, Beautiful Music...

Listen Here: [URL =

Common's Soji Hat Line

Also Peep Common's hat line, Soji...I digg these too...the 'paperboys' like my grandfather used to wear & pop dukes...Wuddup Chi-town! I gotta tell you about the time I saw Common rock the stage in a future post{boy o boy}...but for now we'll let that _____ breathe & give his artistic style & expression some time in the limelight ;-)

Fresh Footwear...

Kanye West released his new kicks for Louis Vuitton @ a fashion show in Paris last Thursday for Paris fashion week{he is pictured above with designer, Marc Jacobs}! So what do yall think? Yea ladies, he designed the last two pair especially for you. I digg ' any "authentic" Louis V merchandise, be prepared to pay a grip for 'em... these fresh jants are set to hit LV stores in June of this year. Go Kanye! I ain't even mad brotha man... Don't call him the Louis Vuitton Don for nothin lols...

March 2009 XXL cover...

...soon after the last post, I stopped by Barnes & Noble bookstore to cop something for ma dukes & guess what's the very 1st thing I see in the magazine rack?!?! So quite naturally I stopped for the few minutes I had to spare & read the interviews with the Dips{pictured l-r: Juelz, Jim, Freekey} (Diplomats, Dip Set, 3 men who share the XXL cover). Preview it for yourself by getting a glimpse of what Santana had to say over @ our friends at XXL's site(now I don't claim to be omniscient, but my aforementioned post is "right on time" with Dip Set's interview) Ayy when you're good you're good! ;-) 'nuff said...

Well......before I conclude allow me to say......I could also send shouts to "our friends" over @ XXL & say hook a brotha up w/a gig! All I gave the people was a preview & sent them to your site to the rest of yall "don't be a drag, buy the mag"{smh again say wachu want im tryna get on...lls Imma hustla baby!}

SMH...C'mon Jim

{To the pic: Since we just posted about Nuvo(pink vodka) why not?!!? Pinot grigio is wine to the non-alcoholic readers.}

Anyways (I might catch some flack for this but...) I rock w/ Jones for who he is as a person(what I've seen & read in interviews) & I even like his albums{overall for their content} but have yall heard his freestyle to Beyonce's diva??? Its called 'Imma drug dealer'. WTF?!?! MAKE YOU WANNA SCREAM SOMETIMES! ARRRGGGH! C'mon Jones put out some decent music...bc ya fans out hea pullin for ya despite the Dipset rumors:

Where is Cam'ron? Jim said "finding Cam is like finding Nemo right now"(ppl that know him could prolly tell u he was high), Santana has been "putting out an album" with Lil' Wayne for the past two-and-a-half or three years{have yall seen it hit shelves yet???}, Freekey Zeeky is just a fool lls (watch this: part 1 & 2)...Hell Rell left to go get some industry money{he's a free agent, guess everybody won't baaaaaalllliiin smh}, J.R. Writer was hot when people my age were in h.s. & "punchlines" were all u listened for, Max B(Jones' right hand at one time) is even dissin Jim & takin shots @ Jim's wifey, Christy, lastly who are Jha Jha & .40 cal( niggas are waaaaaack)??? Shouts to the Goonies for holdin Jones down smh...betta keep 'em on the payroll before they leave too...

NUVO...the new Rose' ?!?!?!

I had some of this last year around the holidays with a few lady friends{exactly what it is,in my opinion, a female's drink}, but it won't all that to me...I guess more less I come from the school of high tolerance & hard liquer drinking{roadtrips to cop Everclear ,corn liquor with the old school playas, "pre-gaming"with 151, & low-budget before-the-club quick store runs with Steel Reserve--college freshman holla@me} If I drink at all now I do so for the satisfaction of taste(no homo) & not necessarily to "get wasted" (now my new years' resolve has been to eliminate bad habits such as: "drinking" which I have {exception: my best friends bday was Jan. 3 & we did that the whole weekend smh so much for resolutions huh?!?!})...However apparently it is being boasted in quite several music videos...Go cop some & "taste test" for yourselves...Tell us what you think!

Here are a few vids u can see artists w/ NUVO:
DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain & Kanye West 'Go Hard'
Ludacris ft. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett 'What Them Girls Like'
JadaKiss 'Who Run This' (behind the scenes)

Artist Spotlight: SANTOGOLD

{got the cover of FADER[around this time last year]... not bad girl ;-)}
Check this interview with recording artist, here. This is the voice you heard on previous post for the Jay-Z banger 'Brooklyn We Go Hard'. She's ushering in a new wave of sound & style in music that pushes the envelope. I digg these types of artists because they are unafraid to be unique(sometimes standing alone) being true to themselves and their fans without regard to trends, swag, & "what's in"{check my dude Myuse's blog about 'swag'...smh MaCGuyver is with u on this 1 homie lols}. This is an artist who is sure to & has already turned heads, so make sure you jump on the bandwagon before it becomes "trendy" to...lls

Click here to hear Drake's{from the 2nd post} new song 'Unstoppable' which features Santogold. & Lil' Wayne

Friday, January 16, 2009

Notorious B.I.G. film debut

So...I saw the film for the 'NOTORIOUS' (R.I.P. BIG) today at its premeire in NC! Peep the pics from the NY premiere!{smh at Beyonce's weave, Ice T and wife CoCo are their usual 'selves?!?! whatever that means, Faith and Ciara both look good though, and Hov is jus' coolin 30s the new 20 still, I guess smh} Okay back to the film business. And what did I think, might you ask? First off, going into the film I didn't read any reviews or watch any trailers & quite frankly I didn't expect it to be much. Well, because you know I thought I would get the same turning from hustling to rapping "hood" movie with lackluster performances(like those garbage low-budget films BET sometimes puts together); yet I left the theatre impressed{not easily done}. It far exceeded the low expectations I set for it, allowing me to dub it a good movie. Ironically, although I didn't exactly "expect much", because I've heard Biggie rap and know what he means to hip-hop I was dumb like any underdog I was "rooting" for it to be a success. I give it a "two thumbs up" on my Siskel & Ebert{<--he's with Roeper now} tip lls. The entire two hours & two minutes{definitely didn't seem as long} had me interested in what would happen from scene to scene igniting a roller coaster of emotion. Now I don't want to give the movie away{don't you hate when people do that?}, however I will say the director George Tillman, Jr., does a good job of encompassing various events in Big's life that highlight his bottom-to-top successes and life-cut-short story that Biggie fans everywhere are all too familiar with. The film rekindles and encapsulates the feeling of Big's music, opens up old wounds of his mysterious death{to this day haven't found who murdered him}, his passion as an artist, different romances(c'mon gotta be hollywood love story), and what arguably makes him the "greatest rapper ever". It is also noteworthy that Ms. Voletta Wallace (Christoper Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G's real life mother) was apart of the production team. Now you know P.Diddy or "Puffy" (Sean Combs or wateva he's going by these days smh) was the executive producer of this film. Say what you want about Mr. Combs, but his meticulous eye for detail coupled with his perfectionist mindset helped to create an awesome attempt at greatness that could very well be dubbed a "classic" film(give it time) for years to come. For those who have never heard Biggie Smalls rap, be prepared for some excellent lyrical delivery in storytelling; and those who have, you'll find yourself singing back at the screen and outta ya seat dancing at times to Big's timeless masterpieces. Shouts out to the new faces on the big screen: Jamal Woolard(rapper, Gravy) who portrayed BIG{peep the similarity...whacha think?}, Antonique Smith as Faith Evans, & Naturi Naughton(former member of 3LW) as Lil' Kim{shorty murdered the role & was one of the best characters to watch in the film} although the real-life Kimberly Jones a.k.a Lil' Kim was apparently disappointed at how she was portrayed in the movie. Of course the veteran actors/actresses did their thing too: Angela Basset portrays Voletta Wallace, Anthony Mackie plays Tupac Shakur, smh at Marc John Jeffries( quite accomplished young actor: might remember him as a young 50 Cent in 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' or young Dre from 'Brown Sugar' or Isaiah in 'Losing Isaiah') anyways he plays Lil' Cease{dis n*gga was wack lmao--thats who really should be mad}, and Derek Luke as Diddy{esp. when homie starts dancing smh}. A definite must-see, could quite possibly check it again, & definitely cop when it hits stores on dvd. Go check it! Here's the official video for the first single from the NOTORIOUS soundtrack. Also peep the Kiss' record 'Letter to BIG' video. ENJOY!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


If you've ever heard anything from this artist then you already know what it is! This is musically one of my favorite artists to hear from, but wth is wrong with shorty?!?! Amy Winehouse, 25 {pictured above}, won five of the recording industry's prestigious Grammy awards in 2008. She's headed down a path of self-destruction with violent domestic abuse, self harm, eating disorders, alcohol, & drugs {weed,crack, ecstasy, dope, & ketamine?!?! smh all that tho}. The star from Britain, publicly made a hit out of her addictions with the hit record 'Rehab' from the 2006 released 'Back to Black' album, boasting "they tried to make me go to rehab and i said no no no"{ smh this reminds me of early Destiny's Child "you say no no no no no when its really yea yea yea yea yea"}. That wasn't one of my favorite records from her...I actually got put onto her when I saw her video for 'You Know I'm No Good', then like I oft times do I went "diggin in the crates" and heard her Amy Winehouse 'Frank' album{also piff} Its been reported recently that her husband is seeking a divorce on the grounds of Amy's adultery...maybe this is a necessary step in improving the quality of her life; bc the quality of her music is just as DOPE as the drugs she's on. Again, people please say a prayer for this musical genius. Sheesh! Makes me wonder do y'all also see a trend of artists from overseas crossing over into American mainstream and dropping hits? Winehouse, Estelle {like the 'American Boy' record, its catchy & Kanye puts the extra push behind it}, M.I.A. {paper planes is my shhhhh! Must be T.I., Weezy, Jay Z, & Kanye's joint too i.e. "swagga like us" got the sample from her}, the girl that originally wrote and sung 'Like a Boy' before Beyonce people jacked it. Sean Paul {don't act like 'Gimme the Light' or 'Get Busy' won't your jam when they came out smh}, check my 2nd post on Drake {he's Canadian}, Shaggy {i mean didnt dude pass platinum status and go diamond}? LMAO I mean even Heavy D is making reggae now! Could be nothing, but to my artists out their starving... this just might be worth ya while of looking further into this. I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YA BABY {i still say this lls (in the Heavy D voice smh)}!

Celebration of Alpha Kappa Alpha 101 Years

Founded on the campus of Howard University, 101 years ago today, January 15,1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Innnnncorporated is the first Greek lettered sorority established and incorporated by African American college women. The sorority was founded by a group of nine students, led by Ethel Hedgeman Lyle. Forming a sorority broke barriers for African American women in areas where little power or authority existed due to a lack of opportunities for minorities and women in the early twentieth century. Today the sorority's membership, however, includes women of Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic descent. The sorority serves all mankind through a nucleus of upwards a quarter million women in over 950 chapters located in the United States, the Caribbean, Germany, Korea and Japan. Alpha Kappa Alpha women can be found on every continent in the world. Alpha Kappa Alpha cultivates and encourages high scholastic and ethical standards, promotes unity and friendship among college women, alleviates problems concerning girls and women, & maintains a progressive interest in college life. Among the group's current goals is to have an association that cuts across racial, international, physical, and social barriers to help individuals and communities develop and maintain constructive relationships with others.
Can you name all the women in this portrait? Don't worry we'll wait.My hats off as I salute you! Congratulations pretty girls wearing 20 pearls! Phirst & the Phinest! Still *hittin on 'em lols. Train up a child!
I mean who else you know got their own Barbie .
Them ladies mean in that pink & green! SERIOUS MATTER! ;-)
Original, by definition, means pertaining to the Source. Well when you speak of the Original Woman,you are speaking of me, of course.
See I am the AKA, the First and Finest for All to Behold; I change Black Women to Black Pearls, I am 101 years old.
By merit and by culture is the motivation behind my strides;An Alpha Kappa Alpha woman will always walk with pride.You see, being the Original Woman is not my only claim to fame; Service to all Mankind is my most esteemed aim.
I am the Original, giving consistently of myself Addressing pertinent issues, from AKAdemics to good health. I've made a commitment to do good I am the hope and the dream of the impoverished and unclean, When I grace the room you know the Pink and Green is on the scene.
I am intelligent, beautiful, finest yet and sophisticated;A strong black woman, college trained and widely educated.One time originated, three times imitated, but never,ever duplicated;I represent Alpha Kappa Alpha!
And God said, "I’ll make me a woman. A woman of substance, A woman of pride. A woman who is able to put petty things aside. A woman of integrity, A woman of love. A woman who is worthy of the treasurers from above. A woman who is genuine, A leader in every way. God said, I’ll make me a woman...I’ll call her AKA."


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colts' Head Coach Tony Dungy Retires

Speaking of Super Bowls...Tony Dungy, the first Black Head Coach to win a Super Bowl retired recently at the age of 53. Dungy coached the 2007 Super Bowl champion Colts to their first super bowl victory since being in Indianapolis(they were formally the Baltimore Colts and they won Super Bowl V). Dungy is said to have wanted to retire by age 50, and is said to have made the decision to spend more time with his family and "this was the right time to do it".
In December 2005, his son, James, committed suicide while attending school in Tampa. Tony left the Colts for one game, then received the game ball from his players after they made a goal-line stand to beat the Arizona Cardinals in the season-finale. The Colts' season ended two weeks later with a shocking loss to eventual Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Colts' quarterback, Peyton Manning took the MVP of that Super Bowl XLI under Dungy & the following year his brother, Eli Manning won that same MVP honor as he quarterbacked the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory over the then undefeated New England Patriots last year in XLII. Dungy's son, Eric, is a high school senior and Dungy would like to accompany him on college visits(let's hope for Eric it doesn't turnout like that Raven Symone & Martin film smh we know Tony is a Christian family man and he means well).
How ironic it is that Arizona vs. Pittsburgh could very well be the event for Super Bowl XLIII. We will certainly see and update you after this weekend's NFC & AFC championship games. It would be nice to see Pittsburgh Steelers win though. They're the only team of the remaining four(Philadelphia Eagles & Baltimore Ravens the other 2) that has a black head coach (who was Dungy's defensive backs coach for the Tampa Bay Bucs). Also ironic that Dungy's 3 year playing career in the NFL started with the Pittsburgh. The Steelers also boast the league's number 1 defense. They say defense wins championships. Looks like the "Steel Curtain" may be making a reconnection to the glory days of old( this is the nickname for the Steelers defense during the 1970s dynasty which won four super bowls: IX, X, XIII,& XIV). My quick prediction is that whomever wins that "defensive battle" between Steelers vs. Ravens wins the Super Bowl.

Jennifer Hudson singing National Anthem at Super Bowl

Okay so everyone knows the JHUD family tragedy, if you haven't check out the news at our good ole' friends at BET. Smh at that brother-in-law. Well hopefully you've done like I have and kept her and her family in your prayers. The actress/singer is currently set to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla on Feb.1 (you know ya boy will be tuned in). This will be Hudson's first public appearance since the tragic event. Well wishes for many successes in the near future for her, she deserves it. Keep up the good work! Looking kinda good in that photo too hun! Anybody know if she still marrying ol' boy from the I Love New York show? smh...again well wishes for that marriage(if its still on) to last geesh

2008 NCAA Football Champs

Congrats to the University of Florida Gators on their second national title in three seasons. Urban Meyer(pictured gettin the gatorade bath) got them boys in Gainesville RIGHT! Shouts to Percy Harvin, from, YOU GOT IT, that 2up 2 down(7 cities wuddup)...We produce some of the best talent in the commonwealth state, (Okay, especially 7 cities...I'm from CapCity!)...Like President Obama said though, Can we get a playoff? I'd love to see UF play Southern Cal, & even Utah crushed Alabama in their bowl game to finish undefeated. The BCS system is played out bc teams get snubbed and its definitely not a good indicator of who the best team is! Props to UF nonetheless, they got the trophy and I ain't even mad.(coming from a guy who bet on them to win...couple dudes still owe me money lols)

...Time to see what NCAA hoops lookin like, we can wait til' March for real but to have a team to run with, you better start watchin now! I recommend Davidson and their superstar player, Stephen Curry, son of former NBA player, Dell Curry. Stephen(pronounced Steff-an, not like Stephon Urkel lls) leads the nation in scoring at 28.5 be on the lookout come March when putting your bid in; he also has a younger brother at Liberty University in Lynchburg,VA, Seth Curry who is the nation's top-scoring freshman at 20.1 ppg...smh Dell got his sons nicer than he was! Oh & yea shouts to two other players' teams to watch(they from CapCity too) Tyrese Rice at Boston College (who knocked off the #1 UNC Tarheels this season) and Shawn Taggart at Memphis(he played in the NCAA 'ship last year against, eventual winner Kansas & his pops cut my hair growing up)

MACGuyver Beauty of the Week(pardon the jack move JET)

Lauren London is you best believe when I was at "the greatest homecoming on earth" at North Carolina A&T State University for the first night of homecoming festivities'2008 stepshow hosted by A&T alumnus & 106&Park's own Terence J, sponsored by BoostMobile ya boy MACGuyver was tryna holla. Allow me to recreate the scene for you: I got access to the ground floor(shouts to my network in Greensboro) and had seats right in front, well very close to the front of the stage. During the step performances, around intermission Terence J was giving Boost lil' "plug-ins",if you will, and happened to bring out onto the stage 1 of his bruhs{he's a que} who had a birthday. They had ol' boy blindfolded & sat him down in a folding chair near the stage's center. From the right & left of the stage come out Rocsi{wasn't impressed at all}, co-host of BET's 106&Park & Lauren London. Place went bananas{well at least I did}! They both had roses and kinda gave homeboy a weak lap dance{ u kno they rubbed across ya chest & quick dance for the audience} and put the stems in his mouth{hope they were de-thorned smh}. When it got quiet for Terence to speak. I hopped outta my seat high enough to dunk a bball{ya boy had skills in the day} and yelled out "AIYOOO LAUREN HOLLA AT ME WUS GOODY BAE"! It was all well and good bc "I'M ME"{memba wen Luda said that in the very 1st line of the 1st verse of his song 'Stand Up'}. So, I had already been "pollying" w/chicks all that night to see what Gboro had craccin{smh to the chick on the row behind me who thought we were gonna getup for the night...when the Lauren London fiasco happened she was prolly like "this nigga" lls or is the joke on me bc homegirl was fine too?!?! ahht well} and of course do wat i does, and i figured she wouldn't pay me any mind but hey you never know. But......As i thought she was there to do her job of enticing ol' boy so she just smiled,waved to the audience, and hugged Terence before she walked off stage. DAG! But word to everything after the weekend trip was over, she had me go home and tell my mama how fine she was. Don't let me be in the same building with her again tho, bc if I'm ever able to drop that bug in her ear...boy o boy...i betta leave that alone...lols def. one of the hottest in the entertainment industry so thas why she gets my pick for MaCGuyver's beauty of the week!

Artist Profile: DRAKE

Aite so what better way to get the hang of things than to "just have at it". So while I was home in the great state of VA, my mans MF from New Haven,CT(shouts to my 203 ppl) put me onto a rap artist named Drake. I oft times lend my ear to a wide variety of genres and give any artist with talent "a chance"(you should check my itunes, might be surprised). I was quite impressed, and listened to homie basically all day(even told MF to burn me a copy from his media player but u kno n*ggas aint never got no cds--pardon the double or in this case "triple" negative smh). From what I understand, apparently he and the self-proclaimed "Prince of VA" are somewhat tight. He appears on a few of Trey Songz records and vice versa. Even has a cameo in Songz' 'Wonder Woman' video. This Canadian multi-talented entertainer also sings(sounds pretty good) and is an up-and-coming actor who has a recurring role on Degrassi: The Next Generation and appeared in a film with Robert Downey Jr. released last year titled, 'Charlie Bartlett'. Check his mixtapes & songs such as: Ransom ft. Lil Wayne, Pop Rose & Replacement Girl both ft. Trey Songz, and his "Swagga Like Us" freestyle. One starter mixtape I suggest is Comeback Season(hence the photo). Tell me what you think. Peep his official website at .Look forward to seeing & hearing more from this artist & when he blowup all crazy make sure you know MaCGuyver got it too you EARLY, won't take credit for being the 1st but u gotta start somewhere lls & DRAKE if you come cross the blog HOLLA@me homie...lemme get on a song or in a video or sumn "I CAN ACT TOO!"(smh say whachu wanna abt this shoot da kidd gotta eat too lmao).

1st post

Yea Yea this the 1st post & all that...thought I would express my viewpoints on various topics, get some of the inside scoop and model after those pioneers before me...let's see what we can get craccin hea once I get the hang of it Ima keep it current in my own groove ya digg

P.S. shouts to my dudes Ju & William H. for their blogs & being the catalysts to start something major! Gotta pay homage

Signing off,