Thursday, June 25, 2009

"F700 first one to get it"--Rick Ross

Peep the Mercedes Benz F 700! This Joint is Schweeeeeeeeet! Ross just so happened to be the first I heard talk about it on the 'Lay Back' record featuring Robin Thicke from the 'Deeper than Rap' album. Know what Jay-Z meant when he said on 'Allure': "I got a thing for them big body benzes, it dulls my senses, in love with a v-dub engine". F700 got me singing like Max B: "owww, owww, owww" lols

Dontcha just love when beautiful things come together?!?!

You ever noticed something from afar off & couldn't quite tell what it was but you recognized it from somewhere? Then as you approached closer it gave you something that you could feel, touch, sense, or try to grasp as to appreciate & admire its beauty. Don't you get a certain feeling when you dream, or hear "good" music, or view art, or recognize a gift that the creator has bestowed...& you stop, think, & say to yourself how good & sweet God is...oft times people enter your life & you may not know why they're there or where they came from or how long they'll stay, but I believe in everything happening for a reason & in each opportunity you should value it & look for the purpose &meaning in it all. A year ago I had the pleasure of meeting "my homegirl" Shanelle Gabriel from Broooooooooklyyyyyyyyyyn!(Shouts to NY...& ya say New York City)(shouts to Filly on the photo) She is an amazing woman setting her sights on high & accomplishing her dreams&goals, while maintaining a "round-the-way-girl" persona that is quite endearing to those she comes in contact with; & if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her...she'll have a presence that you won't forget from its lasting aura...quite simply she is a breath of fresh air! We chop-it-up from time-to-time & y'all know the kidd stay on the move but shorty is GRINDING(like for REAL) I try & catch her when/if I can...but anyways she has a birthday in 2days on the 27th & I thought it necessary to send shouts & wish her love all-the-while showcasing the talented gifts she has inside her. TRUE BEAUTY...they say its in the eyes of the beholder so BEHOLD my homie & sister Ms. Shanelle Gabriel...

peep her cameo in the q-tip man/woman boogie vid:
visit her website:
or Follow her on Twitter:
or Find her on Facebook,Myspace,Youtube,Google, Etc.

& if you happen to be in NYC area on July 8, party with Shanelle
hosted by Where Itz At, sponsors of the Negril After 6 Network Mixer
Negril Village - Rhum Lounge
70 West 3rd Street
(Bet. LaGuardia and Thompson)
New York, NY 10012

July 8th, 2009
Doors open at 6pm for Cocktail Hour
21+ cover, gifts accepted
Show starts at 7:30pm
In for a sure treat! Watch & see...Tried to told 'em lols

Should we be proud or puzzled??? Uhhhmm...

So I said in an aforementioned post that I loved this! So now when hurricane chris gets recognition from the LA State Legislature during "normal everyday proceedings" it puzzles me because of the words in the song. It was "cute" when Halle Berry did the dance on Ellen, but I mean am I the only one thinking: "I mean c'mon!"...I guess...Not a hater so well wishes of continued successes...however it does make you think huh!?!?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recent Acquistions...

Speakin of shoes...I just copped a pair of these "for the low" lols don't ask what I spent or where I copped...its unattractive
...Needed some all whites & don't you get tired of ONES all-the-time...smh dead those (put em nda coffin)...U kno I kept it funky & jazzed 'em up a lil bit w/da California editions so I got the blue& gold across the soles...DOPE BOY FRESH! & don't go singin' that corny VANS song neitha...disgusts me Yuck!

Check These Joints Out! Owww

Saw these over @Hypebeast...The Spike Lee NIKE Blazers...Joints is FRESH! Tryna figure what I can get to go with them now lols...Y'all know I love Blazers...

All I need is a partner to play spades with the cards up...

Yo anybody besides me ever get in the mood to play a good spades game??? Sometimes when you just coolin'[chillin', chillaxin, kickin it, hangin' out w/o much to do,etc.] pick up a deck of cards[yea u can go cop some @Walmart...or your neighborhood friendly conveinence store lols] & grab a partner[friend that also knows how to play] & get two opponents & sit down & go @it! Now there are different methods to playing: like when my mom winds her day down after a long day at work, she'll get to the computer & play internet spades[cut the check for the plug-in lols]. Or if you playing at a spades table in the house you can count the deuce[2] of spades as the third joker, when you takeout the 2's of diamonds & hearts & leave them in the box. And make sure before you start you have the rules clear, determine who keeps score, what score are you playing to, & if you play with bags[books made over what you bid, get 10bags & you lose 100 points], and distinguish the big joker from the little one[most decks have the print size to determine, the maverick is big & horse is lil', the big is in color verses the lil' being black&white, or do like folks in the hood or country & grab the scorekeepers pen & write BIG/LIL' on the cards to distinguish]. The first hand[first time everyone goes around] usually bids itself[meaning you don't have to bid together as a team, so however many books your team earns is how many points you get times 10]. Running a Boston means one team gets all 13 books on the 1st go & that's an automatic victory! You get ten points a book[winning the hand thats played] if you make what you & your partner decide to bid together as a team, & if your team bids 10 after the first hand & makes it then you get an additional 100points to the 100 you already earned making it 200 total[this would stink in a 250/350 game]! Okay so if you need further instructions on "playing spades"...then google it! But if you think you got what it takes, then sit on down with three friends, deal out the deck, & get it craccin'...I talk noise when I play too[so get prepared, esp. if I got a good hand...WHAT!?!?!] & don't let me have the big joker! OMG! ;-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When is the album coming???

I aint a R&B dude...I'm just r&b smooth...Shouts to HOVA...but this guy here is a smooth older cat! I'm talking about Maxwell! Ladies went craaaazy last year when he came out to honor Al Green and sung a song in tribute @the BET Awards. Can't wait to see what he'll do this year! His fans everywehere are highly-anticipating his new forth-coming album, 'BLACKsummers’night! I know I am lols my mama use to listen to homie...The supposed release date is July 7{bc its been pushed back,was rumored to release on Valentines' Day}. Also peep the video for 'Pretty Wings'! Dope! Catch ol' boy on tour,in a city near you, if you can...sure to be a treat:
Milwaukee: Sat-June 20
Seattle: Tue-June 23
Vancouver: Wed-June 24
Las Vegas: Fri-June 26
Los Angeles: BET Awards Sun-June 28
Phoenix: Mon-June 29
Austin: Wed-July 1
San Antonio: Thu-July 2
New Orleans: Sat-July 4
Nashville: Sun-July 12
Louisville: Mon-July 13
Columbus: Wed-July 15
Cleveland: Thu-July 16
Pittsburgh: Sat-July 18
Buffalo: Sun-July 19
Albany: Tue-July 21
Atlantic City: Fri-July 24
Foxwoods: Sat-July 25
Norfolk: Mon-July 27
Savannah: Tue-July 28
Tampa: Thu-July 30
Miami: Sat-August )
Orlando: Sun-August 2

Cam snubs Dipset?!?!

Pardon the delay...He gave this footage back on March 26 {around 1:30 of the video pay attn}, two days after Jones' dropped the 'Pray IV Reign' album . You know Cam just dropped the 'Crime Pays' album last month, right? Well what's the world coming to???

Gotta Rep for VA! Ayuzzur!!!

Listen to this new joint called I'm Good from Clipse ft. Skateboard P...This joint is live! I can't wait on the next album! I'm looking good...I'm looking good...I'm looking good...I'm looking good...Yea, Yea, Yea, Yeah...oh pardon me I'm feeling the song! Definite co-sign!! Give ya sumthin to ride to in the summer lols...

Weezy on his rockstar tip...

Wayne is well, different...Lols I mean that could be a good thing, right?!?! He did say & I quote "We are not the same I am a martian/I have no brain I'm retarded"...Oh well do wacha do make it work for ya...Click here to hear his new song 'Girls Forever'...

'I got plenty money' Remix...Baaaaaaaallliiiiin!

My dude Jim got on this record im diggin' from Plies...lols yall know I had to give you the link for it! Record is called 'I got plenty money' from Plies last album...kinda remniscient of Jones' smash chart-topping record 'We fly high'...smh Baaaaaaaaalllllllllllin! Click here & Enjoy! Here's the vid of Jim messin' around wit it:

I Put FAB back on the charts...

Shouts to LOSO! In case you ain't know so...
Hear him over the 'When the Money Goes' record by HOVA...

Jeezy dissin Gucci & OJ...

Click here for the link to hear Young Jeezy's latest record called 24/23 {kobe&lebron reference} dissin Gucci Man & Juice Man...Just when you thought the "beef" was over...guess not smh...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Mos Def...Fiyaaaaaaah! Got that Heat Rock...

My mans Mos Def dropped another album entitled 'The Ecstatic'[dope title btw] on my mom's bday(gotta tell yall what I did for her in a future post)June 9. He gotta joint with one of my other favs. Rick the Ruler a.k.a. Slick Rick(ask me about my top 5mc's) called 'Auditorium' & it is DOPE! A def. must-hear, must-cop album. So I thought New Danger[the last album] was a bit faaaar left(kinda acquired taste rather; however its genius bc he returned rock&roll to "black folks" know they tried to steal mad stuff anyways-->check Cadillac Records or how Elvis stole Jackie Wilson's moves, yuup I said it!) but once you hear the Rick feature it begs for more music...TRUST! Dope Music...i'm pleased...Most DEF!

Im Lovin This Record...

Yung LA is quickly provin to be another up-and-comer that I'm diggin...he got his own style & far above alotta things I value when people are themselves...This is a record that Im lovin fa real def. in the summer rotation...'Futuristic Love'...ENJOY! Aight so I got with 'Ain't I' but to 1 of the people out his camp what is "Elroy you"??? lols

Monday, June 8, 2009

Self-Proclaimed Prince of VA...Songz!

Yall know I gotta show love to the VA homie...we from the same state & I co-sign this track...the kidd is making dope music & does crazy here to listen to the new record 'Wake Up'...his album is dropping this summer! Yuuup!

Yall ready for Hov??? Sure hope so...

So I shoulda posted this like yesterday but shouts to my dude MF over @markmyuse! However I do have another new Hov record from the highly anticipated Blueprint 3!Click here to download 'Cant Cheat Death' my my...ready for this album to drop...yall know he's my fav. [pause if necessary]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yall seen this? Of course not! See It Here 1st!

I wish I could buy me a spaceship & flyyyyy...what were you doing when this song cameout? Enjoy the vid! shouts to the homie, Ye' for his genius!

Chuck Hamilton...kidd is nice (at least to me)!

(peep the 'ChesterFrench' in the background...check the old posts)

Click the link to hear his 'Reminder' record, which apparently has been deleted from his debut album 'This Perfect Life':
...the reason it was removed was: for being "too dark" as in too much gloom, saddening,aggressive,depressing,etc...whenever an artist is able to "expose" her or himself and be completely naked on record is DOPE! to me because they remove all limits on themselves & allow their audience to acquire a total experience in whatever they're feeling/have felt by "taking the listener to a certain place" which allows for complete transparency and a greater appreciation for their work...its quite humbling[for the artist] & if the music is above par then it creates a certain growth in the artist whereby they reach a new level and from henceforth are able to take off from where they have set a new precedent. So the question beckons, what do u listen for in music? & to the artist, what do you try & reach for when you create?...This kidd from Harlem kinda sorta puts me in the mind of Eminem, & if you listen to enough of his can visualize with me where the comparisons may be made...Take a listen!

New Wale video...'Chillin'

showin love to the homie Wale...shouts to the DMV...yerrrrrr we hea BABY...Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Love this song...lols

But I HATE(well strongly dislike bc he's garbage) this artist...don't get it twisted...smh...peep Halle Berry dancin' on ELLEN to a song about her she ain't even make...cute!

Last Night @the MTV Movie Awards...

The video everyone is talking about...smh...Em got issues anyway...thats what he gets lols...I ain't wishin bad on anyone I'm just sayin I'm rotf laughin(& don't feel bad about it) awwww maaaan...

Put Your Bets up!!!

[peep Lebron hanging his head down & Kobe turned to go get it!]

So the debate continues...Who's better..Lebron or Kobe? Well, def. woulda been good to see them face off against each other in the NBA Finals but Kobe & the Lakers advanced Friday May 29,while on Saturday May 30, Lebron & his Cavs' squad was eliminated by the Orlando Magic ( so this is what we'll see)! So the statement could conclude: at this point in time--> Kobe is better!? Idk both players are of superb talent & athleticism but like with all things patience is a virtue to gain so just give it time Lebron, in due season you will be a NBA Champion! But for now my bets are on the Lakers winning it all, 4-1 out of a possible 7 game series...I would give the sweep but Dwight Howard ain't letting it go down like that...smh yall(Lakers) jus betta hope he(Howard) gracefully bow out ha!

Oh & yea: peep these videos...the voice of Lebron is played by Kenan Thompson(from Kenan&Kel) &the voice of Kobe is David Alan Grier . Whoever thought of these should be getting a quite nice lucrative check from NIKE btw the last vid is funny to me hahaha: