Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I been playing this in the car...

So yea anyways...I've been listening to this album EVERYWHERE[its eitha that or the radio] while riding, because its been a sec. since I've been to purchase a cd [my Itunes is heavy] & I figured I'd post these subsequent videos...Not quite sure which is my favorite track but the 'Mafia Music'[peep the prior post] joint is my shhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Enjoy these two features with Avery Storm[from the 'here i am' record with Nelly] & also The Dream[an artist I don't really care for...we can post about that later]...AiyooooO Ross wachu need to do is a vid joint w/ Robin Thicke & the other joint w/ Ne-yo...Smashes!:

For better or worse...

I better know what you getting into first...SMARTEN UP NAS! lols

This is gaaaaaay! WTF??? C'mon man...I wanted to find the humor but this is disturbing to me...ugh

Pleaaase make it stop! Yall see this?!?!?! smh so I guess the (young)ladies will prolly be all ooohs & ahhhs...but yo i mean c'mon the challenge to Bow Wow & C Breezy & Songz & all dem man with the (pink)underwear??? WTF was u thinking maaaaaan! Somebody better tell 'em that its people like this in the world! SMH

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joint I been rockin to lately...

If you ain't on it yet, get FAMILIAR! I co-sign this one word= FUNKY!

So while I was away...

I had the privilege of attending a charity ball hosted by the Iota Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha at the Nasher Art Museum on Duke University...I mean yall know "I'm Mr. Popular so go get your binoculars" (I forget who said that off the top of the brain but anyways if I like it I borrow haha) & they had singer/songwriter Teedra Moses(who is bad btw) as the guest performer. So you know I arrived fashionably late(which means yea I was fly but I got lost somewhere on the way) & I missed her entire show which she did like 5 or 6 songs...Now boooooooy you talk about somebody that was irritated @ missing the show, because I've been a "fan"(admirer of her work esp. the 1st album: 'Complex Simplicity'w/cuts like 'Be Your Girl' & 'You'll Never Find'--I'm telling you my Itunes is SERIOUS MAN!) I mean I really wanted to see her& hear her sing(I don't get like this over any1 hardly esp. since I've seen just about everybody 'em & try me...James Brown had the BEST performance I've ever seen live!) I thought they were kidding when I got there and they said she "just walked off the stage" I was like awwwwwwww maaaaan(in a 1st graders' voice) me being me, I saw her walking thru the crowd with her technician, I abruptly stopped her & here is how the conversation goes:

Me: ayy Teedra
Teedra: hey wassup
(as I grab her hands to hold them & look in her eyes)[whew, lawdamercy]
Me: Yo...U finished the show? I mean like you not getting back on stage?
T: Oh No...Yea, I'm finished...
Me: Maaaan dag, can you get up there & sing like 1 more song...I missed the whole show yo...I mean I been listening to your record since the joint with 'Kiss(Jadakiss, the rapper)...Word to everything I been tryna put people on to get them to come to the ball & let 'em know who you are and allthat...
T: (she smiles & steps a bit closer as she begins to sing just for me) Annnnd IIIII wonder if you even notice me, annnnd ohhhh you gotta feeeel meeeee[eh] youuu see IIIII willll loooove yoouuu good...just wanna be yooour girl oooohh oooohhh[fades out]
Me: (smiling like omg girl you can sing)
So then...
1 of the Aka's hosting walks over and says, "Bruce, where's your girlfriend?"
T: (immediately drops my hands & says-->) oh no, you not gon' get me in trouble, I ain't tryna have to fight!
Me: (moved to laughing) Nah, nah it ain't even like that yo(smh like now why this girl had to come mess it up for the kid lols)

(peep the ascot...who u know fresher than me?!?! riddle me that lols)

...But for real y'all I won't even tryna holla I just wanted to hear ma-ma sing! (Until I saw her walkaway...then I thought OMG she phatt) No wonder she be singing about what she sing about! Somebody is luuuucky! Prolly coulda been me while she was in Durham, ahht well but whateva I'm goody wit my shorty lols[u know who u are] owww almost caught slippin but still waaavy no less! Shouts to TEEDRA! <3 u baby!

Is the 'art of dating' lost?

Topic of discussion I came across while listening to Russ Parr this morning on the radio: is there a lost art to "dating"? I couldn't believe how stupid some people sounded when they called in to voice their opinions, however I might retract that statement because we do live in a 'Crazy World'. Now I'm not a "sucka for love mm mm sucka for love" lols as Cam would say, but I do think that dating can be fun and interesting so quite frankly I enjoy it...The question begs that while yea I do currently have a significant other ("boo, shorty, wiz, wifey, main joint, etc.) it excites me to do things with her & if I wasn't "bunned-up" I'd still be just as excited to do things with other girls...Call me a ladies' man or whateva but I take pride in knowing that I can call a girl & do lunch or a movie or go bowling or wine tasting or take a sporadic trip somewhere and it be just that. I mean I love my n*ggas but where's my b*tches ya digg...Now the first thing you learn in the 'hood is homeboy love,& its cool to hang w/ya mans& dem & build yall's relationship but who in the woooorld wants to spend ALL DAY w/a bunch of men & girls likewise. Now for me its just as cool to chill @da crib, have nothing to do, have my homeboys over & invite some girls over & just kick. But I mean come on there can't be a "lost art" to dating, because I'm still on earth...SHEEESH! Then they say well what do people expect: i.e."does the man pay for everything if you go out?", "if he does, what is he expecting in return, if anything?", "is it a down payment for "some goodies" later on?", "do ladies think dudes are soft if they show chivalry?", "do ladies use guys for dates& then go home to a dude that dogs them out but he good in the bed?", lmao this 1 girl even said: "how many dates are you supposed to go on before you "jump" into a relationship?" WTF SILLY GIRL??? I mean when you go on dates, they should be used as relationship builders by getting to know someone(their likes & dislikes), you should establish boundaries for expectations in the BEGINNING if there are any, & have knowledge of what exactly a date is: a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person...If you intend on making it more than that then let the other person know (I mean MY STARS! lols) Okay so then it popped up does chivalry exist? Sure it does, I hold doors for females I don't even know when I'm walking out the gas station & if walking downtown I step to the outside of the sidewalk & politely ask the female to step inner if she isn't already. Now you gotta pardon some dudes, because they may be ignorant to this fact(& all this means is that you can't take for granted that everyone had someone to teach them what to do & how to honor & truly respect a female). Anyone that knows me knows I'm "tough"[ain't a hood n*gga, but a n*gga from the hood...see momma stayed on me so I turned out pretty good...but if you wanna try it, sucka now hea we can do it...haha sleep Tylenol PM if I pull sheep yea count 'em for the rest of your life] or "hard"[pause]or wateva(girls I go out with like this too, because they like to feel protected by the man they're with) and will knock someone's head off[if necessary] so you might not think that I had this level of cordiality, but I do so I hate(well really don't like) when people say "oh yeah, chivalry is dead"...I be wanting to scream like NO IT AINT B*TCH lols & long as I live Imma hip other young men(my sons are gon' be sumthin serious) to the game ya digg??? Anyways as always feel free to put your 2 cents in & comment...Definitely awaiting some replies to this 1...


here's some old footage of rapper,Rakim's both songs(in the blog's title) which embody ya man MacGuyver's absence from the blog but I'm BACK!(betta than ever) ahahaaaaa oh yea its gon' get uglier than the Master P sneaker...shouts to William H lols...