Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Wachu ALL Been Waiting For...Ain't it???

'Best I ever had'...Sooooo...what'd you think? This is gonna create alotta "buzz" bc I don't think its necessarily what people are gonna expect. But then again, you gotta expect the unexpected from Yeezy(Kanye directed this)...Imma let it grow on me & try to get the concept later, but for now Imma just let it rock & enjoy the vid...shouts to Trey Songz & Loso on the cameos...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maaaan Pleaaase! Uh Uh I'm Good on This!

Once the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, Mike Vick probably said I ain't even finna put up with this, dude I just did prison time...reminds me of Rick Ross saying "even once had a job pourin tar up on a roof..." then continues later in the song 'Mafia Music': "...Lord knows that I sinned, but that was better than roofing, that ish be bad for ya skin" lols...So Vick quits the construction gig & goes for helping area youth at the Boys&Girls' Club. I ain't even mad I useta work on a maintenance staff(shouts to Walmart out Forest Hill, Southside Richmond,VA) & be in the sun during the hottest part of the day(6a-3p) bustin up palletes, cleanin & dumpin trash, and a buncha nonsense for peanuts(little/lower than others in earnings/wages)! Humbling experience created a strong work ethic but shoooooot like "country folk" say "Iwudbedoggone" lols...Moral of this story: stay in school kids!Click here to checkout the full length article in the Hampton Roads newspaper Virginian-Pilot!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"F700 first one to get it"--Rick Ross

Peep the Mercedes Benz F 700! This Joint is Schweeeeeeeeet! Ross just so happened to be the first I heard talk about it on the 'Lay Back' record featuring Robin Thicke from the 'Deeper than Rap' album. Know what Jay-Z meant when he said on 'Allure': "I got a thing for them big body benzes, it dulls my senses, in love with a v-dub engine". F700 got me singing like Max B: "owww, owww, owww" lols

Dontcha just love when beautiful things come together?!?!

You ever noticed something from afar off & couldn't quite tell what it was but you recognized it from somewhere? Then as you approached closer it gave you something that you could feel, touch, sense, or try to grasp as to appreciate & admire its beauty. Don't you get a certain feeling when you dream, or hear "good" music, or view art, or recognize a gift that the creator has bestowed...& you stop, think, & say to yourself how good & sweet God is...oft times people enter your life & you may not know why they're there or where they came from or how long they'll stay, but I believe in everything happening for a reason & in each opportunity you should value it & look for the purpose &meaning in it all. A year ago I had the pleasure of meeting "my homegirl" Shanelle Gabriel from Broooooooooklyyyyyyyyyyn!(Shouts to NY...& ya say New York City)(shouts to Filly on the photo) She is an amazing woman setting her sights on high & accomplishing her dreams&goals, while maintaining a "round-the-way-girl" persona that is quite endearing to those she comes in contact with; & if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her...she'll have a presence that you won't forget from its lasting aura...quite simply she is a breath of fresh air! We chop-it-up from time-to-time & y'all know the kidd stay on the move but shorty is GRINDING(like for REAL) I try & catch her when/if I can...but anyways she has a birthday in 2days on the 27th & I thought it necessary to send shouts & wish her love all-the-while showcasing the talented gifts she has inside her. TRUE BEAUTY...they say its in the eyes of the beholder so BEHOLD my homie & sister Ms. Shanelle Gabriel...

peep her cameo in the q-tip man/woman boogie vid:
visit her website:
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& if you happen to be in NYC area on July 8, party with Shanelle
hosted by Where Itz At, sponsors of the Negril After 6 Network Mixer
Negril Village - Rhum Lounge
70 West 3rd Street
(Bet. LaGuardia and Thompson)
New York, NY 10012

July 8th, 2009
Doors open at 6pm for Cocktail Hour
21+ cover, gifts accepted
Show starts at 7:30pm
In for a sure treat! Watch & see...Tried to told 'em lols

Should we be proud or puzzled??? Uhhhmm...

So I said in an aforementioned post that I loved this! So now when hurricane chris gets recognition from the LA State Legislature during "normal everyday proceedings" it puzzles me because of the words in the song. It was "cute" when Halle Berry did the dance on Ellen, but I mean am I the only one thinking: "I mean c'mon!"...I guess...Not a hater so well wishes of continued successes...however it does make you think huh!?!?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recent Acquistions...

Speakin of shoes...I just copped a pair of these "for the low" lols don't ask what I spent or where I copped...its unattractive
...Needed some all whites & don't you get tired of ONES all-the-time...smh dead those (put em nda coffin)...U kno I kept it funky & jazzed 'em up a lil bit w/da California editions so I got the blue& gold across the soles...DOPE BOY FRESH! & don't go singin' that corny VANS song neitha...disgusts me Yuck!

Check These Joints Out! Owww

Saw these over @Hypebeast...The Spike Lee NIKE Blazers...Joints is FRESH! Tryna figure what I can get to go with them now lols...Y'all know I love Blazers...