Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maaaan Pleaaase! Uh Uh I'm Good on This!

Once the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, Mike Vick probably said I ain't even finna put up with this, dude I just did prison time...reminds me of Rick Ross saying "even once had a job pourin tar up on a roof..." then continues later in the song 'Mafia Music': "...Lord knows that I sinned, but that was better than roofing, that ish be bad for ya skin" lols...So Vick quits the construction gig & goes for helping area youth at the Boys&Girls' Club. I ain't even mad I useta work on a maintenance staff(shouts to Walmart out Forest Hill, Southside Richmond,VA) & be in the sun during the hottest part of the day(6a-3p) bustin up palletes, cleanin & dumpin trash, and a buncha nonsense for peanuts(little/lower than others in earnings/wages)! Humbling experience created a strong work ethic but shoooooot like "country folk" say "Iwudbedoggone" lols...Moral of this story: stay in school kids!Click here to checkout the full length article in the Hampton Roads newspaper Virginian-Pilot!

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