Friday, January 16, 2009

Notorious B.I.G. film debut

So...I saw the film for the 'NOTORIOUS' (R.I.P. BIG) today at its premeire in NC! Peep the pics from the NY premiere!{smh at Beyonce's weave, Ice T and wife CoCo are their usual 'selves?!?! whatever that means, Faith and Ciara both look good though, and Hov is jus' coolin 30s the new 20 still, I guess smh} Okay back to the film business. And what did I think, might you ask? First off, going into the film I didn't read any reviews or watch any trailers & quite frankly I didn't expect it to be much. Well, because you know I thought I would get the same turning from hustling to rapping "hood" movie with lackluster performances(like those garbage low-budget films BET sometimes puts together); yet I left the theatre impressed{not easily done}. It far exceeded the low expectations I set for it, allowing me to dub it a good movie. Ironically, although I didn't exactly "expect much", because I've heard Biggie rap and know what he means to hip-hop I was dumb like any underdog I was "rooting" for it to be a success. I give it a "two thumbs up" on my Siskel & Ebert{<--he's with Roeper now} tip lls. The entire two hours & two minutes{definitely didn't seem as long} had me interested in what would happen from scene to scene igniting a roller coaster of emotion. Now I don't want to give the movie away{don't you hate when people do that?}, however I will say the director George Tillman, Jr., does a good job of encompassing various events in Big's life that highlight his bottom-to-top successes and life-cut-short story that Biggie fans everywhere are all too familiar with. The film rekindles and encapsulates the feeling of Big's music, opens up old wounds of his mysterious death{to this day haven't found who murdered him}, his passion as an artist, different romances(c'mon gotta be hollywood love story), and what arguably makes him the "greatest rapper ever". It is also noteworthy that Ms. Voletta Wallace (Christoper Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G's real life mother) was apart of the production team. Now you know P.Diddy or "Puffy" (Sean Combs or wateva he's going by these days smh) was the executive producer of this film. Say what you want about Mr. Combs, but his meticulous eye for detail coupled with his perfectionist mindset helped to create an awesome attempt at greatness that could very well be dubbed a "classic" film(give it time) for years to come. For those who have never heard Biggie Smalls rap, be prepared for some excellent lyrical delivery in storytelling; and those who have, you'll find yourself singing back at the screen and outta ya seat dancing at times to Big's timeless masterpieces. Shouts out to the new faces on the big screen: Jamal Woolard(rapper, Gravy) who portrayed BIG{peep the similarity...whacha think?}, Antonique Smith as Faith Evans, & Naturi Naughton(former member of 3LW) as Lil' Kim{shorty murdered the role & was one of the best characters to watch in the film} although the real-life Kimberly Jones a.k.a Lil' Kim was apparently disappointed at how she was portrayed in the movie. Of course the veteran actors/actresses did their thing too: Angela Basset portrays Voletta Wallace, Anthony Mackie plays Tupac Shakur, smh at Marc John Jeffries( quite accomplished young actor: might remember him as a young 50 Cent in 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' or young Dre from 'Brown Sugar' or Isaiah in 'Losing Isaiah') anyways he plays Lil' Cease{dis n*gga was wack lmao--thats who really should be mad}, and Derek Luke as Diddy{esp. when homie starts dancing smh}. A definite must-see, could quite possibly check it again, & definitely cop when it hits stores on dvd. Go check it! Here's the official video for the first single from the NOTORIOUS soundtrack. Also peep the Kiss' record 'Letter to BIG' video. ENJOY!

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